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2004-09-23 - 11:58 a.m.
Ben's Homework

Here is a typical evening of dealing with Ben and homework....

Here he is trying to scare me into thinking he had a homework related accident....

I didn't buy it. Didn't phase me. Whatever Ben, FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK!!

So, he enlists the help of his sweet sister DeeDee to help him build his "Hick". It is to go with a report. Yes, a HICK. That derogatory term used for back-woods people, such as most of my kin folk.

Now, I know exactly what you are saying as you look at this "Hick"..."Wow" you are saying, "This hick looks EXACTLY like Cyrus McCormick!"

And, you would be right. That is who the report is on. That little "think bubble" above his head is him thinking of his famous invention, the Reaper. And that straw colored disk on top is his straw hat, lovingly made by DeeDee from an old hat of hers.

Yup, homework time with Ben is always a thrill.

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